History of the pinkypoint

It was Saturday, May 20th, 2006. Four friends gathered to share a few beers and wings at the local pub. The beer was cold, the wings spicy, and the mood jovial. It is during such gatherings where the best stories are told, the best jokes told, the best times had. However, as the evening progressed, I became aware that something was missing. No, not women, but that would have been nice. What was it?

After someone made an exceptionally hilarious comment, I felt the need to reward their wit something more than laughs, more than words. A high five is a little much, and a little gay. A wink is definitely gay. Pointing with just an index finger seems rude, and shooting him a gun is a little dorky. Now what if, I pointed with my pinky finger...

And thus, the pinkypoint was discovered. Immediately, I shared my discovery with those in attendance. Naturally, as with any great discovery such as Darwin's natural selection or 2000 Flushes®, people were skeptical at first. However, by the end of the evening, the pinkypoint had penetrated the psyche of these four friends.

Since that evening, the pinkypoint has been spread to dozens of worthy acquaintances. On Feburary 23, 2008, this website was created with one goal in mind: To spread the pinkypoint worldwide, making it truly the hand gesture of the 21st century. You can help this cause, and become part of hand gesture history by telling your friends about the pinkypoint.