When to use the pinkypoint

A pinkypoint is ALWAYS used among friends. This is because:

  1. It is not a universal gesture (yet), so strangers will not appreciate and understand the gesture. Like a killer joke or your best liquor, save your pinkypointing for those who will fully appreciate it.
  2. It is one of the utmost displays of respect one human can give to another. Please do not cheapen the value of the gesture by wasting it on anyone whom is not worthy.

A pinkypoint can (and should) be used in the following situations:

  1. You make a reference to an inside joke, and only your target knows about what you are speaking. In this case, the pinkypoint means "Hey, you know what I'm talking about...yea...".
  2. A friend references an inside joke. Reward him/her with a well placed pinkypoint. It works well if the inside joke is only understood by a few in the vicinity; it works especially well if the joke references someone in the vicinity who is oblivious to the inside joke as it transpired. In this last case, the said individual will likely not be familiar with a pinkypoint, making the gesture completely subtle, and entirely appreciated by the joke teller.
  3. In place of a traditional point with your index finger. The index finger point can be rude and accusatory. A pinkypoint is not judgmental.
  4. When severly insstoxeicated, to lfashow a bugdy you' lovees him, without the nend to spake the work.des.
  5. In electronic textual correspondence, such as email or instant messaging. The preferred textual modelling of a pinkypoint action is by typing the characters *pp*. A valid response may be the same or a reverse pp, "*qq*" (again, without the quotes).

A pinkypoint should NOT be used in the following situations:

  1. It should not be used on someone with whom you are interested in having sexual relations. The pinkypoint, nor any other hand gestures, do not tend to work well in such situations.
  2. During the celebration of an epic conquest. Whether the conquest is Mt. Everest or two chicks at the same time, a high five is a better choice.
  3. In place of a hug. Sometimes, everyone needs a hug.
  4. In the bedroom. Even Shaquille O'Neal's pinkys are too small to be of much use in the bedroom.